Sunday, June 01, 2014

Garbage gut!

  No matter how well you think you have your area cleaned up and baby proofed, either puppies or babies will find something that they should not be finding, and of course dont let you know about it until it is half eaten.  I went out on the deck to find 1/2 of a spiral litebulb laying on the deck.  Pieces that I could find were not enough to put it all back together, so I have to assume she ingested the rest.  I have watched her closely for three days and several poops and she does not seem to be in any discomfort, nor is there any blood in her stool, so Maybe, just MAYBE she did not eat it and she is safe.  I sure would not want to lose her to a piece of broken glass in her intestines.  SHEESH!  Lord only knows where she found it!  And along side of my bed there are lots of pieces of trash all piled and chewed upon, so obviously she is able to get loose and collect things.  Loose socks, shoes, underwear, toilet paper rolls, kleenex, you name it, it was beside my bed.  I had forgotten how inquisitive puppies can be.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Meet Miss Adelaide!  otherwise known as Addie!  She is 9 weeks old, and just full of pep and vinegar!
SHe keeps her big sister Sadie on her toes, and Sadie is not too thrilled with having a baby to take care of.

She sleeps all curled up between my pillow and the wall, and chews on my hair clip all night long.  THe cats are not too sure what to think of her, but they are starting to come around.  Slowly but surely!

I have been wanting a puppy for several years now, and this was right where I was at just the right time, so I went in and got her.  

I am going to try blogging on a more permanent basis but bare with me as I may back slide!
baby steps!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas with Patrick

VERY BUSY DAY!!!!  Chopped down a tree, hung lights on the house, helped Dad put the tree up, helped Mom make cookies, and now I am all tuckered out!  Good night!

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Halloween with Patrick 2nd Birthday

 He is so glad to get his birthday cupcake!  He is two!
 She what his daddy got him for his birthday?  Every boy needs one like this.
 He is not fond of the Eyore costume!

 Helping daddy build his wagon

 When can we carve them Daddy?

 Pooped l;ittle punkin!
 Blowing out his two candles.
 Ok, Here comes the fun stuff!

 He refused to wear the clown costume also.

Oh MAN!  mom dont make me wear this stupid chicken suit!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Patrick's first fair!

Dont know how I got the tulips in there... oh well they are pretty!
Patrick and his Mommie Mistie at the Lynden Fair!

First merry go round ride.
I think somebody is tired and cranky!

Cooling off in the leakey hose!
Daddy and Patrick riding the cars at the fair!

I cant see you!
He looks really tired!
Seeing his first pig!

I think that little boy needs some red hair, dont you?  My Mother would have been in heaven if she was still alive.  She always wanted a red headed grandson.